Catherine enjoys playing with colours and she is in a constant evolution of style as her paintings express her mind through dreams that dance through the day and through the night and every moment of her life.   She is entirely self-taught and names Sri Lanka as her inspiration and teacher, her home for the last 21 years.  

Before she had been a successful home interior designer, and enjoyed applying her artistic flair to many private villas and homes in the south of Sri Lanka.  Exotic roots reflects these talents and incorporates homeware into its unique offerings. 

 Catherine developed her own style of painting by studying rupestre and taking inspiration from this most ancient form of recorded art, watching how art was itself birthed.


French and Sri Lankan descent, self-taught artist by a very young age. Absorbing the tropical Sri Lankan scenery and energy all around her. Asia was formed in the relaxed pace of island life and was dedicated completely to art. 

You can describe her artwork as a tropical fantasy. She likes to get lost in the process of lines and patterns, colours, and meticulous detail. Her influences as an artist are first and foremost everything she sees, feels and experiences. To her, painting is a way to express colour in all its beauty. Her main medium is acrylic on canvas.

Asia has incorporated collages using bright swathes of sari material into her work.  She is inspired by Sri Lanka and India, the tones and the tropical essence of these two countries are the foundation for all she creates. 


Inca work varies between colourful depictions of dream cities; collages using vintage Pink Floyd books, on both canvas and terracotta dishes.

Her recent work centres on feminine psychology connected with the spiritual and natural worlds. Investigating aspects of self that revolve around identity and the wondering mind. Finding inspiration from poetry, music, shamanism and the cosmos in general.

Drawn to the transformative power of visual storytelling, Inca weaves personal spiritual experiences into her work.

Mirroring dreams and tropical psychedelic experiences involving animal, instinctual and subconscious worlds.